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Many of us do at least some traveling over the HOLIDAYS. Whether you drive several hours or jump on a plane, Essential Oils can help you SURVIVE HOLIDAY TRAVELING.
Here are some oils you won't want to be without:
1. PEPPERMINT – Support head tension, promote open airways, stay alert, and relieve occasional motion sickness with this minty Essential Oil. 
2. DIGESTIVE BLEND – Keep your digestive system on track as you eat out, and relieve occasional motion sickness with this powerful blend of Ginger, Peppermint and Fennel.
3. PROTECTIVE BLEND – Use this blend to support a healthy immune system and purify the air. Make a hand cleansing spray for public restrooms.
4. ENCOURAGING BLEND – The mix of citrus and mints in this blend make it the perfect blend to use to keep you awake on long drives.
5. SOOTHING BLEND RUB – Soothe your sore, achy joints and muscles that come along with unfamiliar sleeping arrangements and long drives.
6. GROUNDING BLEND – Create inner strength and a more balanced emotional atmosphere with this woody blend. From long car rides and traffic to airport security lines and crazy relatives, everyone could use this blend while TRAVELING this HOLIDAY season. 
Use a car diffuser to calm and to encourage everyone during a long car ride. Don't forget your Fractionated Coconut Oil and your pre-diluted roller sets too.

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