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SURVIVING THE HOLIDAYS can be extra stressful while watching the budget. With so many people to buy gifts for, the cost of Christmas can really add up fast.
Essential Oils can also help you keep your budget down this Holiday season. There is an Essential Oil for EVERYONE and for EVERY WELLNESS GOAL.
We want to help you find the best oils to give as Christmas presents for those you love, including some stocking stuffer ideas. But first, let's CONSIDER THE COST.
It is amazing how INEXPENSIVE Essential Oils are, when you break it down into price per drop. Most of our bottles are 15ml. These bottles contain 250+ drops. 
So let's say you want to use two drops of Lavender Essential Oil. You only spent $0.16 for those two drops. 

Speaking of pennies per drop, here’s an inexpensive recipe to try with Christmas ornaments!


• Round plastic ornaments

• Epsom salt

• 5–10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil

Remove ornament top. Fill plastic ornament with Epsom salt. Add dried herbs or flower petals if desired. Reattach the ornament top. If giving as a gift, add Essential Oils to a dram-sized bottle and place inside. When ready to use, add Essential Oils to the plastic ornament and shake. Add to your bath.
QUESTION – HOW MUCH WOULD YOUR FAVORITE OIL COST PER DROP (use the chart in the link to find your oil)?

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